Our MICE events are not just pass around canapes

Our events are designed to offer a comprehensive and engaging experience for attendees. Incorporating more than just pass-around canapés and a glass of wine can greatly enhance the overall event and leave a lasting impression on participants.

In glowb we offer different ways to elevate your MICE events to make them more engaging and memorable:

  1. Interactive Activities: we recommend to include interactive elements that encourage participation and engagement. Like workshops, team-building exercises, networking games, or live demonstrations relevant to the event’s theme.
  2. Engaging Speakers: in most of our programs we invite knowledgeable and dynamic speakers who can captivate the audience with their expertise and deliver insightful presentations or keynote speeches.
  3. Technology Integration: we believe that leveraging technology is the best way to enhance the event experience. This is the reason we incorporate interactive displays, augmented reality, or virtual reality elements to make the event more immersive and interactive.
  4. Unique Venues: in glowb we always choose venues that provide a distinctive atmosphere and align with the event’s theme or purpose. This could be a historic building, a rooftop with a stunning view, a natural wonder, or a venue with a creative and modern design.
  5. Theme and Decor: it is important to create a cohesive theme for the event and incorporate it into the decor, lighting, and overall ambiance. This way we can set the mood and make the event more visually appealing.
  6. Culinary Experiences: we offer a variety of food and beverage options – live cooking stations, themed food stations, or interactive food experiences like chef demonstrations or food and wine pairing sessions.
  7. Networking Opportunities: in glowb we know that it is highly important to provide the best structured networking sessions or facilitate networking in a more informal setting. Thus, we always include designated areas for attendees to meet and connect, icebreaker activities, or speed networking sessions.
  8. Interactive Exhibitions: If your event includes an exhibition component, we can make it interactive by incorporating hands-on demonstrations, product showcases, or interactive displays that allow attendees to engage with the exhibitors’ offerings.

Remember, the goal is to create an immersive and engaging experience that goes beyond the traditional event format. By incorporating these elements, glowb elevates your MICE events and provides attendees with a more memorable and valuable experience


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